Top Programmatic Takeaways From RTA Summit: From Debunking Myths to Addressing Brand Safety

The Drum

The Drum
November 20, 2014

From transparency between brands and agencies, to educating the industry on the nitty gritty of the programmatic space, The Drum takes a look at the key points the advertising industry as a whole should take away from day one of the Real Time Advertising Summit taking place in London this week.

Brand safety in the RTB environment

One of the biggest fears that brands have when entering the real-time bidding (RTB) environment is that doing so will see their ads served in unfavourable contexts or beside questionable content. Oxfam is just one example of a brand that fell victim to this when its YouTube ad appear against an ISIS recruitment video.

There is, however, a way to avoid such pitfalls, according to Gareth Shaw, commercial director at advertising technology platform PulsePoint, who made a rallying cry to the industry to unite to become “agents of change” and offered tips to those on the sell, buy and tech sides.

For the sell side, Shaw advised treating programmatic partners as if they are an extension of their own team and to debunk the myth that RTB is a “dumping ground” for remnant inventory.

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