Sloan Gaon featured in DM News 2015 Essential Guide to Content Marketing

Direct Marketing News

Direct Marketing News
February 15, 2015

"Content is king" still applies, but the new riff on that age-old saying, is that if content is king, then distribution is queen. Marketers understand the importance of evaluating campaigns for both brand impact and tangible performance goals, and while content marketing has helped brands to create one-to-one engagements with audiences, scaling it has been viewed as a challenge.

Content quality will always be important, but to truly capture maximum value, content marketing needs to be realized at scale. Advances in advertising technology, specifically programmatic, are the final piece to the puzzle that allows marketers to do this today.

Our industry has embraced automation, and programmatic has moved up the funnel to take on content marketing and branding campaigns. In fact, according to industry research we recently conducted, 83% of marketers believe that content marketing will be delivered programmatically by 2017. Thanks to the convergence of programmatic and content marketing, marketers no longer need to choose between solutions that offer both efficiency and high engagement.

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