PulsePoint Partners with Papa John’s to Introduce New Programmatic Pizza Offering


April 1, 2015

NEW YORK, Wed April 1, 2015 --PulsePoint, A programmatic advertising technology platform announced a partnership with global pizza franchise Papa John’s & Survey Monkey, the leading online survey development platform to launch the first ever programmatic pizza offering. This product will be the first of its kind to sync audience and location targeting with real-time delivery.

The online food ordering industry has experienced an astounding national growth rate of 174% year-over-year, grossing $5 billion in annual national revenue in 2014; 67% of that revenue generated throughout the pizza vertical alone. A number of factors such as climate change and longer work hours have contributed to this change in the way Americans purchase food. PulsePoint, being the leaders they are in innovation and efficiency, saw this new purchase pattern and knew that it was time to capitalize.

“We have been looking to bring data-driven programmatic technology to the food industry for a while now - it’s where my roots are and it’s definitely where the delivered food industry is headed” said Sloan Gaon, CEO, PulsePoint. Before PulsePoint, Gaon was CEO of dotmenu where he successfully navigated the company through the sale to online ordering mecca, GrubHub. “I always dreamed of re-entering the online ordering business, and today, that dream is a reality.”

By marrying their ‘special sauce’ -proprietary audience and contextual targeting technology- with Papa John’s point of purchase and cookie data, PulsePoint was able to build niche audience profiles and apply programmatic targeting algorithms to serve the right pizza to the right person at the right time. Users click on a special impression developed specifically for this initiative, which then drives them to a Survey Monkey hub that is directly linked to PulsePoint’s programmatic exchange.

Gaon refused to comment further when asked about the actual pizza delivery system, simply stating “don’t splash the sauce.”

A Papa John’s rep could not be reached, due to the high volume of pizza orders.

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