PulsePoint Introduces Programmatic Direct Solution with Native Capabilities


March 31, 2015

NEW YORK, Mar 31, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PulsePoint, a next-gen advertising technology platform, today announced partnerships with native ad companies TripleLift, Sharethrough, AdsNative and Distroscale. These new partnerships support the launch of PulsePoint’s new Programmatic Direct solution that will allow advertisers to deliver full-funnel brand experiences across native, social and display inventory at scale.

Key benefits for clients include the ability to buy viewable impressions on a vCPM basis, high-impact ad units and exclusive deal packages customized by unique audience interest, content verticals, creative formats, ad placements and viewability requirements.

“We’re excited to rollout this new solution and partner with some of the industry’s leading native, content discovery and social platforms to give brands the best of both worlds – programmatically powered scale, efficiency and data-driven insights with the same customization, control and quality they’re used to getting with direct buys,” said Sloan Gaon, CEO PulsePoint.

“PulsePoint is the perfect fit for Sharethrough's in-feed publisher monetization platform, which is integrated with the top content publishers across mobile apps, mobile web, and desktop. PulsePoint's programmatic native solution combined with Sharethrough's proprietary quality filtering algorithms can deliver the highest quality user experience and results for both digital publishers and marketers,” said Curt Larson, VP Product Management, Sharethrough.

“PulsePoint is committed to providing advertisers with high quality native supply with programmatic efficiencies, ” said Eric Berry, CEO and Co-Founder, TripleLift. “Our partnership helps marketers connect with consumers through a beautiful, memorable and streamlined brand experience.”

This offering is an evolution of PulsePoint's programmatic distribution platform, which is currently being upgraded the new OpenRTB 2.3 API specification and in 2014 managed over 1.2 trillion impressions.

The upgrade will accelerate the company’s 2015 focus of bringing the efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic targeting, distribution and optimization to upper-funnel, high-impact branding campaigns with a specific focus on content marketing.

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