PulsePoint Guarantees Premium Rates for Mobile Inventory on New RTB Marketplace


October 20, 2015

PulsePoint Inc., a global programmatic advertising platform, today announced the launch of a Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) enabled mobile marketplace that will guarantee premium publishers higher CPM rates; allow advertisers the ability to target cross-device audiences with precisely targeted ad experiences in viewable, relevant and high-quality inventory; and without relying on cookie-based data. This launch comes in response to growing demand for more effective programmatic monetization and targeting options for mobile within the programmatic ecosystem. eMarketer estimates that by next year, 68% of mobile display ad dollars will go toward programmatic with mobile accounting for nearly 70% of programmatic digital display ad spend.

PulsePoint is rolling out this new mobile offering to an exclusive group of existing and new programmatic supply partners with a specific focus on premium, top tier media publications. COX Media Group and GigaOM have signed on as initial partners.

Additional advertiser benefits include:

Cross-Device Targeting Beyond The Cookie-PulsePoint’s new mobile RTB marketplace sits on top of the company’s flagship contextualization technology, which analyzes billions of mobile web pages and understands the literal and semantic meaning of articles and keywords in real-time. This allows brands to target a specific audience segment beyond cookie-reliant data pools, without compromising reach or relevancy.

Multi-Layered Data Attributes - Additional data parameters such as location, demographic, device, content and user interest are utilized in the PulsePoint platform to ensure the right ad is seen by the right user at the right time – across any device.

Brand Safety & Fraud Prevention – PulsePoint’s proprietary Impression Quality Index™  (IQ Index™) brand safety and inventory quality technology applies nine unique algorithms to identity and block suspicious traffic, as well as human and machine verification filters for malware detection, sentiment targeting or blocking and content categories.

“PulsePoint is a strategic partner of Cox Media and has worked closely with us to identify ways to increase monetization and yield. We’re excited to be an early partner in this new offering and increase our mobile CPMs to rates similar to our desktop inventory,” said Daniel Kelly, Director of Sales and Revenue for Rare, a division of Cox Media.

“We have deep roots in contextual targeting – and the ability to reach users beyond the cookie,” said Sloan Gaon, CEO of PulsePoint. “Now, we’re able to leverage our advanced targeting technology to enable brands to programmatically reach mobile audiences, while providing top tier publishers with new monetization opportunities that ensure they can command equal or higher CPMs than current desktop rates. We believe top publishers can expect CPMs of $5 or more, for example, for their premium mobile inventory.”

PulsePoint plans to expand this mobile offering to mobile in-app and mobile native inventory by the end of 2015.

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