On the Right Track for the Consumer; Transparency & Trust

The Drum

The Drum
April 15, 2015


Transparency remains a controversial topic for advertisers, with Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer claiming a lack of trust between consumers and businesses has hindered the data revolution on par with the digital one. “Consumers are increasingly nervous about how their data is being used,” says Carolyn Stebbings, Rapp’s executive managing partner for data, explaining there are two kinds of data – personal data and a “more complex, cloudy version of data” spanning browser history, social interactions and location.

With programmatic rising in prominence, Gareth Shaw, the EMEA commercial director of PulsePoint, believes the industry needs to do a better job in terms of educating people on the “value exchange”. “Where I think we’ll start to see the real difference is with the rise of programmatic content marketing, this is going to be a key tool for illustrating how data can be used to improve digital consumer experiences,” says Shaw. Steve Chester, director of data at the Internet Advertising Bureau, which in January joined forces with the IPA, ISBA and ABC to form the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS), adds:

“There are a number of complex strands that need to be taken into account when it comes to transparency. Consumers need to better understand how their data is used, how targeted advertising works and, most importantly, how it funds websites. It’s a work-in-progress.”

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