Key Martech-Focused Takeaways from Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2018

Sudipto Ghosh

Martech Series
June 7, 2018

Health is Wealth, So Is Health Care Personalization

Sloan Gaon, CEO at Pulsepoint, said, “Health is personal. Health care should be too. What works for one health consumer doesn’t necessarily work for another. Today, radical health personalization is a reality because of the advances in data and technology. The health consumer journey has fundamentally changed because of the shift from analog to digital and from static data to real-time data.”

Sloan added, “Delivering care is changing as well. Urgent care facilities are the norm, not the exception. Wearable devices are changing how we monitor and improve health. Virtual and telemedicine healthcare is more convenient and efficient. Medical devices are now “smart”. Even clinical trials are being revolutionized with real-world data. The world of healthcare is now about data and technology and the health consumer is becoming the center of this personalized medicine revolution. As the health consumer gains more control, market forces will push down costs and remove inefficiencies from the healthcare system.”

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