Interview with Anne O'Brien

July 18, 2018

1. Why did you join PulsePoint?

I love the ability to target contextually, as I think advertising is much more impactful when it is relevant, but I also saw the need and value of condition targeting (as well as narrow demo targeting.) I love that PulsePoint can combine the targeting with the context and I am also excited to be part of a mission focused on improving health outcomes.


2. Why do you choose health?

I worked in advertising across a variety of consumer targeted categories, with a several years focused on QSR (quick service restaurants); while I loved my clients (Wendy’s, in particular) I wasn’t inspired to spend my entire career selling more hamburgers. I was interested in working on business that would positively impact people’s lives and make me proud to come to work every day.


3. Tell us about your career background.

I started my career in media planning within full service ad agencies. Just when I was looking for a more inspired position, I heard about an opening at Johnson & Johnson. I was at J&J during the early days of DTC advertising and was able to help many brands launch consumer advertising campaigns, helping identify agency partners and the right media timing and investment levels. Media efficiencies are always key for advertisers, but the real win is providing valuable interactions that drive consumer action.  I joined (now owned by Remedy Health Media) because I loved the personal stories their patient advocates shared with the audience.  There are thousands of place to find health information, but only a few that can provide empathy and emotional support for those feeling overwhelmed and isolated.  Of course the need for scale and have broader impact requires the use of many media channels, which makes PulsePoint a great option for brands.


4. What do you think of PulsePoint's culture?  

PulsePoint has a great team feel even though we span a few generations and a wide array of cultural backgrounds.  The on-boarding process allows new employees to meet everyone quickly and learn how their job impacts the overall mission.  With everyone focused on the common goal and understanding all the “pieces” I was immediately invested in the success and feel like I fit in perfectly.


5. What is your most rewarding professional moment so far?

I have had several great business successes, but the truly memorable moments are about the people I  have interacted with to move business forward.  I love presenting the company offerings to the agency teams and sharing the passion I have for the business.  Booking the business is, of course, awesome when you are in sales; but it is most rewarding when clients provide feedback that allows me to turn a good offering into a perfect fit to achieve a brands objectives (and a better outcome!)


6. What will success at PulsePoint look like for you?

Success in sales is clearly numbers based, but getting the meetings and having great conversations about business challenges and “providing the perfect fit” solution is what makes the job fun and interesting.


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