Infographic: The New Laws of the Media Universe


March 12, 2014

This is the capstone to the series the “New Agency Model,” which is sponsored by PulsePoint, a leading provider of next-gen programmatic and content marketing solutions. 

As we’ve moved from the age of Mad Men to the age of Math Men, we’ve seen the rise of programmatic marketing – not just real-time bidding. Brands are starting to systematically connect with their audience as efficiently as possible, but still want their media to have meaning — think Apple’s “1984” ad. So for brands in 2014, RTB will increasingly mean “Real-Time Branding.”

Purveyors of advertising as art are quickly adopting trading desks and horizontal marketing platforms to quantify and optimize every part of the user-engagement process. Technology will continue to evolve, and the publishers and agencies that embrace this evolution will thrive in programmatic media.

So if science is replacing art, and science is governed by the laws of the universe, it’s time for us to channel our inner Einstein (instead of our inner Escher) and create the unified theory of media physics. These are the Laws of The Media Universe, and the science of advertising helps explain how this Universe works. So the real question: Is your firm ready for the brave new world, or are you a dying star fading away? Are you ready to embrace the New Laws of the Media Universe?



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