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Moving Beyond the Click

The definition of campaign success is shifting from tracking clicks to ensuring a more meaningful exchange between a brand and their audience. Andrew Stark, SVP of Content Solutions at PulsePoint and a cadre of experts from MOAT Analytics, and TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company explore metrics that matter, including time spent on a page, scroll depth, scroll velocity, and social actions taken once the user arrives on the page. 

We’ll get into:

A deeper understanding of how to drive meaningful engagement and ROI beyond the click.

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Andrew Stark
SVP Content Solutions, PulsePoint

As SVP, Content Solutions at PulsePoint, Andrew heads the company's content solutions business, which unites unique content programs, high-impact native ad solutions, and powerful audience insights for brands. Prior to PulsePoint, Andrew was VP, Sales and Marketing for Examiner Media Group. Andrew also held sales executive positions at Metro Boston and Boston Now, 365 Media USA. 

Jonah Goodhart
CEO & Co-Founder, MOAT Analytics

Jonah is the Founder of Moat and was the founding investor and board member of Right Media, and a Founding Partner of WGI Group.

Ryan Lauder
Director of Consumer Engagement, TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company

Ryan Lauder is a digital marketing professional with both in-house & agency experience in consumer engagement through digital content, brand communications, platforms/technologies and connected devices. Ryan holds over 15 years’ experience building out consumer engagement and digital strategy for TaylorMade-adidas Golf brands.

Susan Borst
Director, Industry Initiatives, IAB

Susan leads the IAB Social Media, Content Marketing, Native Advertising, B2B and Games Advertising committees. In her current role, Susan works to identify key challenges and opportunities for growth facing interactive advertising and prepare market making documents, research and program events with industry thought leaders.

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